From the moment of our existence, we intrinsically embody the boundless essence, a state that persists without change. Early in our lives, a cognitive framework emerges in our consciousness that fools us into believing that we are individual entities navigating through time and space. Despite this illusion, our profound consciousness is connected in a complex way to infinite being.

Unfortunately, we often confuse this awareness with the existence of a separate individual and thus misunderstand the true nature of our being. In terms of the human experience, this suggests that our perception of pain or happiness is influenced by this misidentification and raises questions about the choices we can make in shaping our emotional reality.

Disconnecting your energy from the mind is the key to unleashing the unlimited potential of infinite being. The more you reject the invitations of the mind and remain as an effortless being, the more you allow your true nature to direct life.

From the beginning, we embody an unchanging, limitless essence. Early in life, an illusion of individual existence in space and time is created. Our profound awareness is connected to infinite being, but we often confuse it with the existence of a separate individual.

This affects our perception of pain and happiness, and we are faced with the question of what choices we have to shape our emotional reality. It is as if in the midst of this experience we have the freedom to decide which matrix we want to enter.

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