Even though an individual life is an appearance within the infinite being, the person still has a purpose for being here. We have been trained to find this purpose through the mind, which has led most people to very unfulfilled ways of existing. For many people, the education system emphasizes certain inclinations of the person. If someone is good at math, that ability is reinforced by teachers and parents and becomes a part of their personal identity.

The person then aspires to a career in a mathematical field. They then follow the social model of working hard, being better than others, and over time the effort will pay off. What we have learned from this model is that ultimately the reward is never satisfying and the work itself is very limited and tedious. Even when people work for themselves, it is often still based on this model. Often these people work even harder than those who are employed by someone else.

The vast majority of people have surrendered their sovereignty to the belief that work and stress are simply part of life. When you align yourself with the infinite Being, what you came here to do will be revealed. And because Infinite Being is benevolent, when it reveals your purpose in life, it will do so in a way that is kind and balanced. This means that it won’t be something that causes you to feel stressed or overworked. In fact, infinite intelligence is so efficient that productivity and what you will achieve will be on a completely different level – it’s doing less and achieving more.

For most people, purpose involves something that comes really naturally to them, sometimes so naturally that they may not even recognize it as a skill. They’ve just always been good at it. This is quite a change for most people, as we have been conditioned to focus on areas where we are deficient in some way. But it’s often the things that come easily to a person that have the most value.

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